Benefits of the Dental Card

• Savings of up to 40% on dental services
• Nationally recognized CIGNA Dental Network
• Fixed fee schedule based upon zip code
• Covers routine orthodontics
• Also covers discount dentures
• No preexisting health condition restrictions
• Accepted by over 64,000 general practitioners

How Does it Work?

Once a Dental Savings Card is purchased, members can simply make an appointment with any participating provider, receive the desired treatment or product, and show their savings card. The provider immediately applies the appropriate discount and the participant pays the discounted price!
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Cigna is the largest dental discount network in the nation. The Pinnacle Choice CIGNA Dental Network Access Plan provides members access to discounted fees for most dental procedures at a fraction of the cost of insurance.

Pinnacle Choice is a privately held Discount Medical Plan Organization, offering one of the largest nationwide networks of health care professionals, treatments and products since 1999.
*Initial non-refundable sign-up fee. Household can pre-pay for full year or be billed monthly. Prepaid cards are not accepted.

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